Archive | January, 2014

Lessons from Above

27 Jan

God and his teachings would never fade, They would always be there to last forever and ever. The moments when theses teachings come into our lives and touch our senses is un-predicted and would very much make their visit to us when we least expect it, at ¬†the least expected time. At times the intensity with which they make their presence felt is way beyond our imagination and thoughts. At times they appear to be just plain bitter lessons for us, but in the end they would spell out a pattern in our lives that would finally have a lot of meaning to us…..I guess the lessons from ¬†above are the things in life which would turn our lives around, we just shouldn’t give up.


The Trials we Face

26 Jan

The trials we face are an everyday phenomenon, we may not directly identify them personally, but they exist is all forms , and they very well surround us, They engulf every minute we live and pose as the biggest challenges of life at times when we least expect them. Individuals sometimes seek options which never are the ultimate solutions , mostly for the fact, because trials are a part of life and dealing with them is what would ultimately make us a ready fit for the world tomorrow…….


The trials of life

18 Jan

The trials of life would try to burn you,protect yourself.The trials of life would try to drown you, keep your head above water. The trials of life would try to crush you underfoot, bury yourself…Like hail, the trials of life would try to batter you, but dont give up..You just need to believe that you are here to win..


The touch

10 Jan

Spelt with little emotion or sentiments, but adequate to make a world of difference to the life of another..Happiness is never shared. Joy is kept under lock and key, and extending a hand is unheard of, but all you ever need may be nothing more then a smile…