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The wants of Life

23 Feb

Plenty of to do things, dont get you what you want at the right time, they just remind you that, there are so many things that you are incapable of managing effectively..To pay attention to the unimportant tasks would give you an edge to win over in the long run

Five Things To Do Today- Part 2

19 Feb

Sweat: Our bodies were made to move. We are not designed to sit in front of a computer or in a car all day long. Get up and move, when your body pumps blood through you blood vessels, you tend to feel energetic, clear minded and more enthusiastic.

 Shower: Now my guess is that you are already doing that! Try cold water, which would definitely wake you up, then move to a warm water. Your blood vessels and capillaries will thank you and that should really freshen you up.

 Be nice: I don’t know whether you have heard the effects of kindness on the brain! The book by Wayne Dyer in which he shares a science of kindness in his book “Power of intention”. His story goes something like this; Serotonin is a drug that makes you feel good. It’s what the pharmaceuticals make , it’s also a drug that god managed to pump into our brains, when you do something kind for someone, the other individual has serotonin released into the brain, it has the similar effect on you as well. Now if your act of kindness was watched, imagine the effect you created. So be nice.

BE GRATEFUL : Gratitude,now that is a powerful emotion. I dare you to be depressed, angry, stressed, whatever. While you are thinking of something for what u are grateful, take a moment to step out of that emotion and think of three things that you are grateful for. It maybe the fact that you are grateful that you are alive, grateful for that fact that I am here with you. Just give yourself the gift of gratitude.

 DRINK PLENTY OF WATER: Your body needs a minimum of 8 glasses every day. Your body needs water for everything right from releasing toxins to maintaining skin health. If you are not drinking enough water, your energy levels would drop and you would end up with headaches, your brain and heart are sensitive and even the slightest dehydration would affect you. If you don’t drink enough water your blood volume would be affected and since your body needs lot water you would end up lethargic and tired. So the tip is drink enough water the entire day.


The Mystery of Life

18 Feb

The greatest mystery of life,I would never understand.Its so hard to come to terms with the fact that the person you just met yesterday is no more.It appears sometimes easy to take note of the fact that we are able to get over the loss of a loved one, but times would always come back to us. I would never forget that old rocking chair of my uncle beneath the orange tree that would always rock when the skies turned grey and the wind blew, it all was like the old times, except for the fact that he wasnt there.

I always left that chair of his at the very same place where he used to sit for as long as i could remember, and that memory of his remains everlasting all through me.

I slip into the world yonder to still imagine the times when we sipped tea together and be filled with stories of the war he fought and the days of his youth.Certain things never go away, they never do.

I deeply regret the time when we stopped speaking for a silly reason, and later came to know that he had passed on.I know what it is to feel sorrow, because I feel it to this day,and to this very moment.

I learnt that life is to short to regret.So love those who are there in your life today, with all your heart, never let them go, because they may be all that you may ever have.Always forgive those who hurt you, because you are here today because someone else did.

Be the first to say sorry, it may never bring a smile to your face, but it would always bring a smile to anothers heart. Above all,remember you need to leave your footprints behind.because this cycle you create, would need to go on….



10 Feb

There are times in life when you find yourself alone, when you discover that the world is not just full of laughter and joy, but is also abundant wit sorrow and lonliness.These shadows cast themselves on you at times when you least expect them,in situations which you never knew existed, and in circumstances for which you were never to blame…Those you care for would avoid you when you seek them and you come to realize that they were the very individuals you gave your life for…The harsh reality of this situation you would carry for the rest of your life..We give and give to the extent that we keep no measure, but when we ask for alms of a handful of grain all we get is silence, or what i also call Lonliness…