Archive | December, 2013

Stop Signs

29 Dec

We find these everywhere, all the time, the world seems full of them. There is no end to them.The more you look around, the more would you find, the strange happening you would observe is that, these signs would still find you even if you dont find them…The world would never let you attain the heights you want. There would always be situations around to stop you from reaching your goal. There would always be people who step on you and there would always be situations that would drive you away from your destination…but never let the stop signs stop you…


The Trials of Life

17 Dec

Being born was the first challenge, growing up was the next,studying things you never knew was the third hurdle and making a career was yet another…but the biggest hurdle many would not overcome would be coping with the day to day challenges…Its so easy for us to lose patience, so easy for us to get angry with those who mean nothing to us but to whom we mean the world…Tears were never just water, they are also made up of feelings…feelings that can never be felt if you shut your heart and mind out…



9 Dec

Imagination beyond creativity, thoughts beyond actions,words beyond exectations,gestures beyond wants and moments of truth beyond the valuable moments of life….