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Breathe in

17 Nov

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Breathe in what surrounds you and exhale the gladness that builds up within. There truly is no greater life than the one we live enjoying the little joys that are offered to us. There exists happiness in every little thing that we encounter, the people we meet, the things we touch, the relationships we build….”For happiness is what we create and not really what exists”…..

The Story of Trials

28 Sep

Hermann Steinherr

Man could never say that he is happy with all that happens to his life. There are those very bitter moments that no one can forget and nor can anyone get over those terrible mistakes, those errors, those flaws……if you ask me the list would go on and on and on. But we shouldn’t forget what we learnt from those experiences, it’s hard to deny the fact but it is those very experiences that taught us, that molded us and made us…..


Reaching out

16 Jul

A little effort is all that is required to make that difference in the life of another.What can turn the world around, lies in your power..use it


Treasures untold

7 Jul

Beyond the value of Gold and Diamonds or ignots of silver, the overseen treasure in grasp is often overlooked and cast aside…The bond created by a relationship would always outlast the man made offerings that exist in the atmosphere, however the habits lived by are like a virus that infests the organs of a human, corrupting the insdes, until there lies no hope..Your offer to a new life is in your hands, where you can give yourself a treasure to last a lifetime…with a bond created here on earth.


To The East

24 Apr

To The East

To the East of the earth lies a place I call eternity. I call it the Mars that we live in the company of. The red skies and rolling clouds tell me of history and stories that would captivate the mind and take you into a world of visions and spectacle that has no words to describe. When the winds swirl around me, they bring the past back to me. I feel the times of the Vikings has returned back. The sounds of hoofs and galloping horses revive the yesterdays and the cries of victory ring through the ears.

When I look around I only see dust in the distance. The reality is far, but it’s still life for me…..



15 Apr

When aiming high, dont just attempt the target, try beyond.Swim as thou you are the only food for a hundred sharks. Climb as thou the rope is fraying out with every passing minute.Greatness comes to he who pretends that he has just one opportunity to prove himself..,


Life’s Story

12 Mar

Life's Story

The word Life itself speaks for itself, it tell’s you a tale of never ending stories. Some beautiful, some wonderful, some we remember for the rest of our lives, some which we don’t, some which give us nightmares, some that haunt us every moment, and then there are some which we are in even at the moment, some which we would never like to talk about , some which don’t allow us to even live normal live, yet we go on crossing hurdles all the time, bearing up with situations, compromising, sacrificing and trying to live.

What we never have realized however is how much of the situation are we responsible for ? How much have we done to improve the quality of our lives? Have we ever stopped for a brief moment and ponder over these phases of life? We never , we never do , in fact we ignore things to the extent that by the time a situation reaches its optimum height, it much to late for anything to be done about the entire episode. We never use opportunities that come our way, to turn situations around, in fact we would rather crib about how the entire world of ours has gone from bad to worse, Topsy turvy, stressful,miserable etc. But I once again come back to the same question ” Why didn’t you ever do anything about improving a situation? I’m sure that decisions that are taken in most circumstances are self-made decisions. Very few personal decisions are manipulated or instigated which leaves, just you and the problem. So the point here is to start today, start working on the problem and make yourself happier with Life.

I would like to emphasize a lot on the word’s, initiative,effort and determination. The first one ,Initiative is the most important because without a decision in place, there is fairly very little that you can expect as a result. A result is nothing but the fruit of initiative, so if we get back to the beginning , we are able to draw conclusions that, initiative is a point of no return, stepping into the circle, could obviously make you a part of the process which defines your tomorrow. Now how nice would it be to have all the good things in life happen for you, but yet again it all depends on the initial initiative that you put in to see a change.Its human behavior that everyone is for himself, so having less expectations from others and working on your ambitions is what would get you where you want to get.Making oneself self-independent , self reliant and building up an aura of self-confidence are the values that can be incorporated to attain personal happiness and joy in life.

Wen we talk of effort , we speak of carrying out a task without breaks until its complete, now that’s effort. Lacking confidence and motivation would deprive you of a vision and that leads to failure, or a result that is either incomplete or a result that is unsatisfactory. The Golden rule we should follow is putting in the required effort to achieve a desired result.Now ignorant of the fact whether the result is one that you expect or desire, it still teaches us a lot. Man somehow learns something new every day of his life, the learning process would never be a highway free of debris. Challenges are a part of the effort process, but the secret of gaining from effort is to look at it from a positive aspect, because negatives of situations at any given time overtake the positives, so it really would depend on how you take your efforts forward

When talking of determination , that’s something we all lack. We either don’t have it or we just don’t use it even if we do possess it.What matters is how serious are you about getting where you want to. Bear in mind the attitude you shelter in mind and the goal that is your ambition, because clear thoughts would help you determine your determination.


The wants of Life

23 Feb

Plenty of to do things, dont get you what you want at the right time, they just remind you that, there are so many things that you are incapable of managing effectively..To pay attention to the unimportant tasks would give you an edge to win over in the long run


The Mystery of Life

18 Feb

The greatest mystery of life,I would never understand.Its so hard to come to terms with the fact that the person you just met yesterday is no more.It appears sometimes easy to take note of the fact that we are able to get over the loss of a loved one, but times would always come back to us. I would never forget that old rocking chair of my uncle beneath the orange tree that would always rock when the skies turned grey and the wind blew, it all was like the old times, except for the fact that he wasnt there.

I always left that chair of his at the very same place where he used to sit for as long as i could remember, and that memory of his remains everlasting all through me.

I slip into the world yonder to still imagine the times when we sipped tea together and be filled with stories of the war he fought and the days of his youth.Certain things never go away, they never do.

I deeply regret the time when we stopped speaking for a silly reason, and later came to know that he had passed on.I know what it is to feel sorrow, because I feel it to this day,and to this very moment.

I learnt that life is to short to regret.So love those who are there in your life today, with all your heart, never let them go, because they may be all that you may ever have.Always forgive those who hurt you, because you are here today because someone else did.

Be the first to say sorry, it may never bring a smile to your face, but it would always bring a smile to anothers heart. Above all,remember you need to leave your footprints behind.because this cycle you create, would need to go on….



10 Feb

There are times in life when you find yourself alone, when you discover that the world is not just full of laughter and joy, but is also abundant wit sorrow and lonliness.These shadows cast themselves on you at times when you least expect them,in situations which you never knew existed, and in circumstances for which you were never to blame…Those you care for would avoid you when you seek them and you come to realize that they were the very individuals you gave your life for…The harsh reality of this situation you would carry for the rest of your life..We give and give to the extent that we keep no measure, but when we ask for alms of a handful of grain all we get is silence, or what i also call Lonliness…