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Our Value on Earth….

28 Sep


Our Value on earth is measured by our actions, our words and all those little things we do. The joy that we can share with those in need of smile is a treasure that mere words will not explain or express. We have all the power possible at our fingertips that we can utilize and use efficiently and effectively if only we stopped at times and gave thought to some little things which we always consider insignificant…..Just reach out and make a change, that’s the best you could do in this life…..

The Story of Trials

28 Sep

Hermann Steinherr

Man could never say that he is happy with all that happens to his life. There are those very bitter moments that no one can forget and nor can anyone get over those terrible mistakes, those errors, those flaws……if you ask me the list would go on and on and on. But we shouldn’t forget what we learnt from those experiences, it’s hard to deny the fact but it is those very experiences that taught us, that molded us and made us…..


The Trials of Life

17 Dec

Being born was the first challenge, growing up was the next,studying things you never knew was the third hurdle and making a career was yet another…but the biggest hurdle many would not overcome would be coping with the day to day challenges…Its so easy for us to lose patience, so easy for us to get angry with those who mean nothing to us but to whom we mean the world…Tears were never just water, they are also made up of feelings…feelings that can never be felt if you shut your heart and mind out…


The war of Titans

6 Oct

We have this everyday in our lives, a war which we battle with every minute of life that we live. Escape not, for defecting would help you get away with your inner wounds,lost, without your power, without your kingdom and a broken individual…Face your battles. You cant give up, remember, theres just one life.,